Getting Started

How and when do I apply for housing?

A housing file will be created for you after you have confirmed your acceptance of admission by returning the enrollment confirmation form with payment of the required $250 enrollment deposit. Once the deposit is received, a Residence Hall Application form will be added to your Application Status Page. This application should be completed by the student and submitted as soon as possible.

Can I view my assigned room before Move-In Day?

Because we utilize residence halls for summer camps and are busy preparing rooms for incoming arrivals, rooms are not ready for viewing until move-in day.

What furniture will be in my room when I arrive?

Each student is provided with a twin bed, chest of drawers, desk or writing table, desk chair and closet space. West Village residents are provided with a full-size bed. We have multiple furniture styles on campus. Within a room, the two sets of furniture will match but they may not be exact to other rooms within the same hall. Students may not substitute personal furniture for these items. Furniture may not be moved from the original room or taken out of the lobbies and public areas of the residence halls.

What are the dimensions of the room and/or furniture?

Select your residence hall and enter your room number to view a layout drawing containing diagrams and measurements that are approximately to-scale. These drawings should be used as a general guideline. Some rooms have wall features, construction updates or varying furniture styles that may not be featured on the floorplan.

What happens if a student is locked out of his/her room?

The student should contact his/her resident assistant in order to assist with the lockout. If the Resident Assistant is unavailable, he/she should contact the assigned area office.

What do I do if I lose my key?

Contact your Resident Assistant or area office to request a new key. The Residence Life Coordinator for the area will complete the steps to order a new key. Charges for the new key will be added to your student account.
Replacement cost is $50 for an interior room key.

Where are the area offices, and what are the phone numbers?

The Central Campus Office is located in the third floor lobby of Vail Hall. The Beeson Woods Office is located in Evergreen Hall. The West Campus Office is located in Mountainview Hall. The West Village Office is located in Building 300. The phone numbers for these offices are:
Central Campus 205-726-2027
Beeson Woods 205-726-2307
West Campus 205-726-2177
West Village 205-726-2971

Who do I call if I have a maintenance concern?

Between 9 am – 4:30 pm, submit maintenance requests/concerns first to your Resident Assistant or area office. If Residence Life staff cannot be reached, call Facilities Customer Care number (205-726-2711). After those hours contact the Hub (extension 205-726 -2407). After-hours emergencies can be called to the Residence Life on-call phone (205-726-2030).

Do I need to purchase rental insurance?

The University does not assume responsibility for loss or damage of personal property. Students are urged to consider personal insurance for valuable property they bring to the residence hall.

Where can I get a parking permit?

All motor vehicles operated on campus must be registered with Transportation Services . A zone parking system is maintained to provide parking for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

May I stay in my room through the holiday breaks?

Residence halls will officially close once during the academic year at the Christmas holidays. At the end of each semester, students, except those participating in some way with commencement, are expected to vacate campus housing within 24 hours after their last exam. A list of exact closing dates is found in the student handbook and on the housing contract. Please keep these dates in mind as you make your travel arrangements in advance.

May residents of a residence hall have overnight visitors?

Students may have visitors of the same sex visit provided they have cleared it with the staff and their roommate. All visitors are subject to Samford University rules and policies, and it is the responsibility of the host to make guests aware of all student rules and policies. Visitors of the opposite gender may visit during scheduled visitation hours. All visitors must sign in at the area office and receive a guest pass.

May residents have visitors of the opposite sex in their rooms?

Students may have visitors of the opposite sex in their rooms at designated times provided they follow the visitation guidelines.

Are students required to purchase a meal plan?

All students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.  Entering freshmen are required to purchase the 19 meal plan for the entire first year of residency.  Students who have earned 24 credits but less than 64 credits, or are in second year of residency, have the option of either the 12 or 19 meal plan.  Students who have earned at least 64 credits are eligible to purchase the 7, 12, 19 or 80-Meal Block meal plan.

Can I change my meal plan?

All students must follow the meal plan requirements based on the number of credits earned and years of residency. If you qualify for a smaller meal plan, you have until the first Friday after classes begin to make a reduction. You may add or increase a meal plan at any time. Email with your name, student ID number and meal plan request to adjust your meal plan. If you have a medical condition with nutritional considerations, please visit Accessibility and Accommodations website regarding information about requesting an accommodation.

What services are provided by Public Safety?

See the Public Safety website for information about the services they provide.

Where can I find information on Campus Recreation?

See the Campus Recreation website for information.

Important Dates

Residence Hall Operating Dates

Residence Halls close for Fall 2023 on Sunday, December 10 at 9:00 a.m.
Spring 2024 Check-in is Saturday, January 6 and Sunday, January 7 from 9:30am - 8:00pm in the Wright Center lobby.
Residence Halls open for Spring 2024 on Saturday, January 6 at 10:00 a.m.
Residence Halls close for Spring 2024 on Sunday, April 28 at 9:00 a.m.

Housing Assignments Calendar

Housing Accommodation Deadline - January 29, 2024
Request to Move Off Campus Deadline - January 29, 2024
Housing Deposit Due - February 2, 2024
Returning Student Housing Contract Due - February 2, 2024
Keep My Same Room and Greek Sign-ups - February 6 and 7, 2024
Select A New Room Sign-ups - February 20, 21, and 22, 2024


When are rooms and roommates assigned?

Specific room and roommate assignments for entering freshmen are made in July preceding the start of the fall term. This allows students who meet each other at the June orientation sessions the opportunity to request each other as roommates. The deadline to request a roommate will be announced during the June orientation sessions and is typically the last day of the last June orientation. Any changes to the Housing Application, including roommate requests, should be emailed to by the deadline. You will receive your room and roommate assignments between late July and early August.

What determines my priority placement for room assignment?

The date you pay your $250 enrollment deposit determines priority for your room assignment. The earliest dates are assigned to the rooms generally viewed as “preferred”. For roommates, the earlier of the two dates will be used for assignment. Certain students with special needs, such as disability or medical condition, may be given higher priority consideration.

Can I request a particular room?

Students can request to room with a particular person. However, specific room requests cannot be honored unless a student has prior approval from Accessibility and Accommodations for a particular room to accommodate documented medical needs. Requests approved by the deadline by Accessibility and Accommodations will be honored based on both the specific need and space availability.

How does the University accommodate students with special needs/disabilities?

The University offers accessible housing for special needs/disabilities to students who properly establish a need for them. Students must make the request for special housing accommodations through Accessibility and Accommodations. Special accommodations for entering freshmen and transfer students are guaranteed if the request is approved by the deadline listed below. New students submitting information after the deadline will receive housing accommodations only if space is available.
Accommodation Information
Deadline for Guaranteed Accommodations Expected Move-in Date
June 1 Fall Semester Move-in
November 1 Spring Semester Move-in
April 1 Summer Term Move-in

Will I be able to change rooms after Move in Day?

Room changes are not common. Students wanting to change rooms should speak to their assigned Residence Life Coordinator. Requests for room changes are considered but not guaranteed.

What do I do about roommate conflicts?

Living in a residence hall is a learning experience for each student. Students are encouraged to work out roommate conflicts among themselves. Students should discuss conflicts with their roommate first, then with their RA if the conflict was not resolved. Resident Managers and Residence Life Coordinators are good resources for help after RA’s have intervened.

What housing is used for entering freshmen?

Freshman housing can be found in most campus areas. In Central Campus, Vail and Pittman halls house freshmen females, and Smith Hall houses males. In West Campus, freshmen males live in Mountainview. Evergreen hall in the Beeson Woods area houses freshmen females with other halls used for freshmen as needed.

What to Bring

Can I decorate and personalize my room?

Students are allowed to personalize their rooms within certain limitations. Your room should reflect your personality and both residents should agree on decor. The limitations placed by Samford University generally prohibit anything that causes permanent change or damage to the room. Decoration should also reflect the values Samford holds. Residence Life recommends waiting to purchase until your room assignment is confirmed and saving receipts for all purchased items.

What should I use as adhesive to put posters on my walls?

Adhering posters and other decorations to the walls should not damage or compromise the paint or structure of the walls. Residence Life recommends using Command Strips/Hooks by 3M or similar products.

What personal items may I bring?

You will receive a list of items you may bring at orientation. However, items such as a small refrigerator, microwave and TV are permitted. You should remember, however, that space is limited. You should coordinate with your roommate and not bring two of each of the above items. Freshmen are allowed to have personal cars at Samford.

What items are prohibited?

Candles/candle warmers, pets, weapons, alcoholic beverages/ paraphernalia, illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia halogen lamps, sharp knives, toaster/toaster oven, furniture, charcoal grill, any appliance with an exposed burner, and self-balancing scooters (hoverboards) are prohibited in the residence halls. The student handbook and residence hall housing agreement provide a complete list of prohibited items.

May I bring my belongings to campus early?

Students may not bring any items or themselves to campus prior to the move-in date. Shipping items to campus prior to the scheduled move-in date is not allowed as the student must be present to receive packages.

Is there internet access in every room?

Wireless and Ethernet (Ethernet cable required) connections are available for each student. Contact Technology Services, 205-726-2662, for additional information. Computer labs are also located in various buildings throughout campus. The hours are posted in each lab.

Are there kitchens in the residence halls?

Most residence halls do have kitchens.

Where are laundry facilities located?

Laundry facilities are in each residence hall. The cost for laundry is included in the student’s room rate.

Where do I pick up my mail?

All mail and packages may be picked up at the Bulldog Mail Center located in the Ralph Waldo Beeson University Center.

What is the mailing address of a student living in a residence hall?

Information about your specific box number may be found on the Samford Portal under personal information approximately two to three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. If you have trouble finding your box number, you should contact the Bulldog Mail Center at 205-726-2933.
You may use either of the following formats to send mail or packages to an undergraduate student.
Jonathan Smith
800 Lakeshore Drive
Box 29XXXX
Birmingham, AL 35229
Jonathan Smith
800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL 35229

Is there cable TV on campus?

Cable TV is provided in each residence hall room. However, only one cable jack is in each room, so roommates may want to discuss bringing a TV/DVD player. If your TV does not have a QAM digital tuner, you will need a converter box.

How do I get my bed lofted?

Most students use Collegiate Bed Loft Company services. Their number is 205-978-5876. If called in advance, they can usually have your bed lofted by the time you arrive on Move-In Day. You may also loft the beds yourself using bought or built supplies. Samford University does not loft beds and does not provide lofting materials. Please remember that no furniture may be removed from the room and no nails may be driven into the furniture.