Samford Small Groups

Groups exist to connect and unite students through Bible study, discussion, and prayer. Students meet together each week for an hour over the course of 8 weeks.

  • FALL: Freshman Only
  • SPRING: Open to all students

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Cadres are a great way to earn Convocation credit. Each semester, various options are available both on and off campus for discussion-based groups or service-oriented groups. Registration for all cadres opens at the beginning of each semester.

Campus Cadres

Campus cadres are designed to promote engaging conversation that challenges you to grow spiritually and connect with a small circle of peers. These cadres are led by faculty or staff that meet 8 times during a semester to discuss a book, biblical topic, or a particular subject. Up to 8 convocation credits can be earned by those who complete the requirements.

Community Cadres

Community cadres seek to help students integrate faith and learning through action and service. These cadres engage students with community partners in the greater Birmingham area through partnerships with the Office of Community Engagement. By serving weekly throughout the semester, students can receive up to 10 convocation credits for completing the requirements.