Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy implemented an overarching structure for strategic planning in 2017, titled “A Culture of Excellence”, which guides strategy for the school in three separate stages over a 10-year period. Colin Coyne, Samford’s chief strategy officer, served as the facilitator of the process, and he obtained extensive input from faculty, staff, students, alumni, preceptors, practitioners, employers and other relevant constituents. The school’s plan ensures a strong connection with the university’s strategic plan and its four focus areas: emphasize student success, enhance our community, extend our reach and ensure financial strength.

The first phase of the strategic plan was ENRICH: A Culture of Excellence, which guided the school for four years (FY17-20). In May 2021, the school adopted the second phase, ADVANCE: A Culture of Excellence, which continues the school’s philosophy to embrace opportunities, challenge assumptions, and cultivate informed risk taking.

Pharmacy Strategic Graphic 2020

ADVocate for Progressive Pharmacy Practice

  • ADV-1: Model progressive pharmacy practice for students
  • ADV-2: Advocate for improved patient care through pharmacy
  • ADV-3: Expand the school’s pharmacy technician training program
  • ADV-4: Increase post-graduate training opportunities for graduates

Accomplish Curricular Transformation

  • A-1: Implement the “Practice and Team Ready” curriculum under the following vision:
  • A-2: Document student success during each year of the program
  • A-3: Enhance communications across the school
  • A-4: Enact extensive assessment of the new curriculum throughout its implementation

Nourish Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • N-1: Boost extramural funding (grants and contracts)
  • N-2: Increase non-traditional degree programs and alternative sources of funding

Champion Faculty and Staff Development

  • C-1: Create new opportunities for faculty and staff development
  • C-2: Increase impact of faculty and staff development funds

Enhance Student Recruitment, Retention and Success

  • E-1: Sustain the number and quality of Doctor of Pharmacy matriculants
  • E-2: Expand joint degree offerings for Doctor of Pharmacy students
  • E-3: Increase the number and quality of Samford pre-pharmacy applicants
  • E-4: Support retention of Doctor of Pharmacy students
  • E-5: Improve graduate employment rates (within 6 months of graduation)