Explore the World. Expand Your Mind!

Howard College of Arts and Sciences offers flexible programs that allow you to pursue study abroad. Many of our faculty lead these immersive experiences, allowing you to gain real-world experience and develop meaningful and impactful relationships with our faculty.

Samford students in Germany
Samford in Germany

Make Germany your classroom as you explore the city of Bamberg! You will spend six weeks in small, individualized classes, immersing yourself in the German language and learning about this ancient city.
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Samford students in France
Samford in France

Participate in an intensive language and culture program at the Université Grenoble-Alpes in France.
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Samford students in Granada, Spain
Samford in Spain

Explore the city and culture of Granada, Spain! You will reside in homestays and take classes at the University of Granada.
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Samford students in Greece
Greece: Crucible of Civilization

Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Greece and the Greco-Roman world through this study abroad program led by Classics and Philosophy professors Randy Todd and Andy Montgomery. You will learn about the geography, physical remains and museum artifacts of Greece.
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Eternal Rome
Eternal Rome

Heed Horace's call of CARPE DIEM and join Classics and Philosophy Chair Doug Clapp in Rome. You will visit famous archeological sites and world-class museums to examine the history and culture of Rome from its Greek and Etruscan ancestors.
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Students in Israel Exploring the Biblical World
Israel: Exploring the Biblical World

Visit the very places Jesus and his disciples inhabited through this study-abroad experience in Israel. Led by Biblical and Religious Studies Professor Jeff Leonard, you will examine the geography and history of Israel and the religions and cultures it has produced by studying locations in the bible, such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea.
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Students in Archaeology in Israel
Biblical Archaeology in Israel

Excavate the ancient site of Shikhin near Nazareth at the edge of the beautiful Beit Netofa Valley in Lower Galilee, Israel, with Biblical and Religious Studies Professor James Strange.
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Samford students in London
Core Texts London

Be one of few students nominated by faculty to participate in the London Core Texts Program experience. You’ll study important authors and visit famous sites from English history and literature.
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Study Away Opportunities

Samford students in Oregon
Samford in Oregon

Explore the biological anomalies and scenic wonders of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains during a semester-long engaged learning and research experience with our academic partner, The Oregon Extension.
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Samford students in Washington
Samford in Washington

Be one of few students chosen by an interdisciplinary faculty committee to participate in the D.C. Careers Program learning experience. This trip to Washington, D.C. is an opportunity for you to network with high-profile professionals in the nonprofit and government sector.
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