Published on January 16, 2024  

Cumberland School of Law recognizes excellence in academic achievement each semester by publishing a Dean’s List. Included on the list are students whose end-of-semester GPA is 3.3 or higher. Congratulations to the following students who qualified for the fall 2023 Dean's List:

Adams, Omega Lynn
Andrews, Joshua A.
Arrington, Katherine C.
Awad, Ohtra R.
Awbrey, Asa W.
Barnes, Thomas N.
Baxley, Frank Johnson
Behren, Ryan
Belveal, Brian Conrad
Benson, Mary G.
Billings, Barry Hall
Bippen, Ameleigh B.
Blasingame, Kynsley Rae
Booth, Maddison T.
Boswell, Kaitlyn A.
Bragg, Rachel Shumaker
Breland, Kaley Elizabeth
Brinkmeyer, Alexis L.
Brock, Paul M.
Brough, Sophia G.
Brown, Treona Jameelah
Bruner, William Jacob
Bunyard, Emma C.
Burleson, Chandler A.
Burrows, Haleigh Breanne
Butler, Marilee Lindsey
Campbell, Kathryn E.
Carr, Janel
Chaplin, Victoria E.
Charles, Wilbur Randolph
Chastain, Hudson A.
Chiepalich, Zachariah L.
Christian, William C.
Clark, Madison E.
Collins, Amelia L.
Conway, Drake Thomas
Cross, Lauren Keeton
Dantone, Samuel David
Darby, Carson R.
Dickinson, Lillian C.
Donlon, Margaret
Dozier, Anna Lauren
Dukes, Lamar A., III
Eagan, George Weston
Early, Kalen S.
Eison, Grant T.
Feighery, Ashley Elizabeth
Fisher, Bailey Lane
Foster, Arielle H.
Fowler, Kaitlyn E.
Freeman, Gabrielle
Freeman, Zachary E.
Freise, Tanner W.
Gaal, Edward W.
Gaston, William Samuel
Gibbons, Trevor Elliott
Goyer, Synclair B.
Gray, Jonah M.
Greene, James D., III
Griffith, Katherine
Hammons, William S., III
Hannahan, Thomas D.
Heitschmidt, Karleigh C.
Hill, Aliah T.
Hodges, Constance C.
Holcomb, William D.
Holifield, Chotsani J.
Holliday, Annabelle Ford
Hollingsworth, Rachel
Holmes, Delaney C.
Horn, James M.
Howard, Malik D.
Hubbard, Atchison Parker
Huggins, Wyatt C.
Ingram, Joseph H.
Johnson, Joseph B.
Johnson, Lana M.
Johnson, Leighton M.
Johnson, Samuel H.
Jones, Macey R.
Jordan, Allison L.
Kirby, Macy C.
Kirkpatrick, William P.
Lastrapes, Madelyn L.
LaTurno, Leslie A.
Lawrence, Saharah M.
Lazaro, Sonia
Le, Cong Thanh
Leak, Caroline F.
Lester, Lauren Alexa
Lettieri, Melina Anne
Lewis, Joshua S.
Lichtenstein, Ryan
Lindsey, David L.
Logan, Bethany Mae
Lonergan, Anna Grace
Lott, Allie M.
Maddox, Richmond B.
Mangel, Jacob W.
Marberry, Sophia M.
Martin, Maggie Lynn
Matney, Morgan Alexandra
McCormack, Cameron C.
McCraney, Mae G.
McDonald, Nadia M.
McGowin, Patrick Morgan
McKeen, Sadler
Mendoza, Samantha A.
Miller, James
Mojica, Elizabeth
Morris, Scarlett S.
Neill, Taylor K.
Oden, Iasia S.
Packer, Elizabeth J.
Paradise, John M.
Parker, Ann G., II
Partington, William
Patel, Dylan
Patel, Kushal U.
Payne, Ashlyn Elisabeth
Peek, Katherine M.
Phillip, Avery Roberts
Phillips, Anna Grace
Philpot, William R.
Philyaw, Katherine E.
Plemmons, Bailee Lauren
Pomeroy, Courtney Noel
Poston, Victoria C.
Pounds, Anna L.
Powell, Brian P.
Powell, Jacob
Purinton, Kameron
Reynolds, Riley E.
Richardson, Kelsey Allred
Richbourg, Emma Grace
Robertson, Nathaniel J.
Robinson, C. Scott
Rush, Dylan Harris
Scheufler, Caraline S.
Schroeder, Jaylee R.
Sheils, Henry C.
Shelly, Harriet S.
Simpler, James Porterfield
Smith, Avery T.
Smith, Benjamin A.
Smith, Mckenzy C.
Stapleton, Victoria L.
Starkey, Katherine
Stewart, Destiny
Strength, Sarah G.
Suggs, Arin M.
Sulser, Tristan C.
Thompson, Reese H.
Timm, Alexandria D.
Tomberlin, Claire V.
Treglia, Gaetano Nicholas
Trulove, Loden Brock
Van Deventer, Vincent
Walden, Grayson Clay
Walker, Merry A.
Walters, Hannah G.
Ward, Kendall G.
Warren, James Zachary
Waters, Christopher F.
Watson, Meredith G.
Webb, Sarah F.
Weeks, Macey A.
West, John M.
Wethington, William C.
Whitlock, Angela
Wisehart, Shane M.
Wolff, Luther H., IV
Wood, Hannah S.
Woods, Harrison O.
Yeiser, William
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