Published on April 26, 2011  

Samford undergraduate students will present the results of research projects April 27-29 as the university emphasizes the close relationship between faculty and student scholarship.

More than 140 students will present their work during Samford's 2011Student Showcase, through oral presentations or in scholarly poster sessions, which have become common at professional academic conferences.

The students' research topics range across many disciplines, presenting new ideas on everything from Greek mystery religions to social media, osteoarthritis to divorce, biodiversity to Chaucer.

The common thread uniting the diverse topics is the professional guidance the students receive at a university with a 12:1 student to faculty ratio, and where no courses are taught by graduate students.

"Showcase represents the culmination of many Samford students' undergraduate experience, with application of research skills, collaboration with faculty, utilization of presentation abilities and immersion in their major," said Samford's Assistant Provost Nancy C. Biggio. "We are proud to showcase our student's accomplishments as we wish them well in their future endeavors."

2011 Student Showcase Oral Presentations 

FALL OF MAN: An Efficient MMO

Spanish Mesa App for Android

Mobile Application Development

Effects of Mortality Salience on Recall

The different levels of Ricardo Palma's "Tradiciones"

A Marriage

The Roots of a Writer

A great Spanish Literature piece by Miguel de Unamuno: "San Manuel Bueno, Martir"

Cubanía in Gómez de Avellaneda's "Sab"

Achilles: Hero or Villain

A New God in Rome

A God-Given Right: The Role of Personal Choice in the Greek Mystery Religions

The Cumaean Sibyl in the Shepherd of Hermas

Baptizing Chaucer's Miller

A Theological Comparison of the “Sermon on the Mount” and Eusebius’ “Life of Constantine”

Divine Love in Marriage: A Commentary on Marriage as a Model of the Trinity

Thinking Through the Trinity: The Cappadocian Fathers

Preparing Elementary Students for Expository Text Comprehension

The Effect of Muscularity and Apparent Relationship Status on Male Body Image and Social Comparison

The Need for Acceptance and the Cost of Social Rejection

The Affects of Music on Cognitive Processes

Tolerance of Bullying Among College Students

Effects of Modeling on Moral Reasoning

Effects of Sexual Orientation on Rape Victim Blame

Gender Stereotype Threat and Self-Efficacy

Men, Sex Roles, and the Media

Gender Differences in Emotional vs Neutral Recall

The Effects of Religion on the Stigmatization of Mental Illness

The Effect of Feedback and Instructor Gender on Self-Efficacy

Media Coverage of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

A Look at Twitter Usage

An Examination of Thematic Content of Hip-Hop: A Comparison of Underground and Mainstream Genres

Two Sides of the Same Story: The Visual Narrative of Racial Violence in Alabama as Seen in Local Newspapers Coverage and Charles Moore’s Photography in Life Magazine, 1963-1965

The Focus on Candidate's Appearance in Coverage of the 2008 Election

Village Civilization versus Metropolitan Spirit: Political Journalist Walter Lippmann’s Frustration with Common America During His Early Career

Phytoplankton Interactions at Goose Neck-Island Shoal on the St. Lawrence River     

The Changing Cultural Identity of the Philippines

Carmen Laforet: A Balance between Feminism and Catholicism

Father Involvement and the Development of Adolescent Sons

Ecological Systems Theory and Body Perception in Caucasian and African American Culture

Family Financial Stress and Special Needs Children

Bereavement and Coping for Children Dealing with Death


2011 Student Showcase Poster Presentations 

There is No Difference in Blood Glucose Changes During Aerobic and Resistance Training Exercise

The Relationship Between the Frequency of Fast Food Consumption on Blood Pressure and Body Composition

Mental Perception Affect the Ability to Lift Weight in Resistance Training

Fan Avidity Affects Repurchase Intentions, Brand Equity and Word of Mouth Intentions

The Effect of Diet on Metabolism and Fuel Utilization

The Correlation of One Repetition Squat Maximum, Vertical Jump Hight and Forty Yard Dash TIme

Premeal Water Consumption Does Not Affect Caloric Intake Among Female College Students

The Effect of Exercise on 24 hour Self-Esteem and Activity Levels

Breakfast Did Not Have an Effect on Dietary Consumption of Non-Breakfast Eaters

Performance in the 60-Yard Dash is Compromised in the Presence of Competition

Wearing Fitted Functional Knee Braces Does Not Effect an Athletes Speed and Agility in the 40-Yard Dash or 3-Cone Drill

Training on the Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board Does Improve Balance in College-Aged Females

Differing Exercise Intensities Have No Effect on Context-Dependent Memory

Osteoarthritis of the Knee Has No Effect on Bone Density or Bone Size

Effects of Shod Running versus Barefoot Running on Running Economy

College Students' Academic Burden and Depression

Alcohol in the Home and Underage Drinking

Adolescent Girls' Relationships and Delinquent Activities

Parenting and Self Esteem: To Be or Not to Be Tough?

Early Intervention Programs and Hispanic Elementary School Students

The Factors That Affect Body Image and Subsequent Behaviors

Cell Phone Use In and Around a University

Influence of Sex Education on the Sexual Knowledge and Behaviors Among College Students

Biodiversity of Odonata at North Lake, Tarrant, Jefferson County, Alabama, U.S.A

Training Status Affects Peak Power on Leg Press

Carbohydrate-Protein Beverage Significantly Affects Blood Glucose During Aerobic Exercise Compared to Carbohydrate Beverage Alone

The Effect of Breastfeeding on Allergy Development at an Early Age

Comparison of Body Composition, Aerobic Capacity, and Anaerobic Power in Collegiate Level Division I Baseball Pitchers and Position Players

Having a Health Course Does Not Iinfluence Interpretation of Nutrition Label or Body Composition

Athlete's Nutrient Intake Does Not Meet Nutrient Requirements.

The Correlation Between Nutrition Knowledge and BMI in 5th Grade Students

There is No Difference Between the Diets of Freshman and Upperclassmen Division I Football Players

The Affects of Removing Regular Sweetened Carbonated Drinks from the Diet

The Effects of a Commercially Available Energy Supplement on Cognition, Mood, Heart Rate, and Blood Pressure

Impact of Food Labeling on College Students

Friendship and Emotional Adjustment in School Transitions Across Three Age Groups

Parental Divorce and Academic Entitlement of College Students

Identifying Connections between Responsibility at Home during Adolescent Years and Academic Entitlement and Success in College

Using Low Cost Survey Methods to Measure Beach Profile Change On Saba, Netherlands Antilles

The Rahn Beach Profiling Method – A Fast, Accurate One-Person Beach Survey

Dauphin Island Dune Vegetation Survey

Using ArcGIS on the iPhone for Campus and Study Abroad Applications

Comparison of Beach Profiling Methods on Dauphin Island, AL

Sorority Life, Personality, Religiosity and the Experience of Eating Disorder Symptoms

Effects of Religious Commitment and Denomination Affiliation on Alcohol Consumption

Religion and Perceived Importance of "Chemistry" in Dating and Marriage Relationships

Health Benefits of Prayer and Meditation in Three Settings


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