Cyndi  Cortes
Moffett & Sanders School of Nursing
1535 CHS Building 1

Cyndi Cortes firmly believes God equips and prepares us for each step of life’s journey.  While working at Children’s Hospital, Cortes developed a love and concern for children and adults with special health care needs and their caregivers.  While at Samford University, she helped plan, organize, and implement CampUs, a summer day camp for children with special health care needs. As an “Army brat”, Cortes had the opportunity to experience other cultures and developed an appreciation for diversity.  Additionally, Cortes and her husband lived in Mexico for four years and both of their children were born there.  “With my red hair, people don’t expect me to speak Spanish or to understand the Hispanic culture, but I do!” said Cortes.

Degrees and Certifications

  • DrPH, maternal child health concentration, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Post-master's certificate, pediatric primary care, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • MSN, pediatric nursing, developmental disabilities concentration, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • MRE, religious education, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • BSN with Spanish minor, Ida Moffett School of Nursing, Samford University
  • Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care (CPNP-PC)
  • Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN)
  • Certified Online Instructor (COI)


  • Children with special health care needs
  • Preparation of congregational health promoters
  • Global studies
  • Migrant farm workers 
  • Interprofessional education 
  • Quality of life as outcome measure
  • Pediatric rehabilitation nursing

Awards and Honors

  • Fulbright Scholar Program, Discipline Peer Reviewer
  • State of Alabama Independent Living Council, appointed by governor
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing 
  • Community Foundation Grant. Chandler Mountain Farm Worker Projects. Collins, A., Cortes, C., & Shelton, L. (2015)
  • Innovative Technology Grant, Samford University. A School-Wide Innovative Technology Initiative: Testing with Alternate Format Items. Cortes, C. & Schlosser, S. P.  (2015)
  • Academic Initiative Grant, Samford University. Summer day camp for children with special health care needs (CSHCN): An interprofessional education opportunity for Samford students and faculty. Cunningham, J., Cortes, C., & Bigham, A. (2013)


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  • American Nurses Association
  • Association of Teachers fo Maternal and Child Health
  • Central Alabama Nurse Practitioner Association
  • Christian Nurses Fellowship International
  • Health Services Advisory Committee-East Cost Migrant Head Start, liasion 
  • National Health Services Corp., ambassador 
  • National League for Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioner Alliance of Alabama
  • United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham
  • Dawson Memorial Baptist Church, Hearts and Hands buddy and Sunday School teacher
  • International medical and evangelical mission trips