Resources are scarce.
The future is uncertain.
Economics studies how we deal with these limitations.

Develop Tools, Skills and Habits 

Samford economics majors receive a diverse range of perspectives on economic issues. You will learn how to analyze how firms produce, how households consume and how governments tax, spend and regulate. You will develop tools, skills and habits that will help you make better choices in the workplace,  grocery store and  voting booth.

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Learn to Answer Today's Important Questions 

Economics helps find less-than-obvious answers to important questions. What happens when the government punishes people for “price gouging” after natural disasters? Are wars and natural disasters good for the economy? Do seat belt laws really save lives? How should damages be calculated in court cases? How does Walmart affect the communities it enters? Why do people volunteer? Do nonprofits spend too much money on fundraising?

Economics Faculty

Brock School of Business faculty are highly motivated and have deep professional experience. They are enthusiastic about their discipline and are passionate teachers and scholars whose commitment will enrich your time at Samford University.

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Economics, Finance & Quantitative Analysis Advisory Board

The Economics, Finance & Quantitative Analysis Advisory Board plays several important roles as a conduit to the business community. Board members provide guidance on course content so that our curriculum stays current with the needs of the profession. While some of the board members offer internships and jobs with their companies, the introductions our board members give us to other professionals in the business community are extremely valuable – both in terms of employment opportunities and mentorship for our students.

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BSBA or BA in Economics 

Samford’s economics major (BSBA or BA) prepares students to enter almost any field. Economics is widely considered a top major for graduate school in fields like economics (obviously), finance, public policy, political science, law and more.

Work with Professors on Research

Work side-by-side with professors on cutting-edge research

Present at National Conferences 

Present original research at regional, national and international conferences

Learn from Visiting Scholars and Speakers 

Spend time with visiting scholars and speakers

Reading Groups and Seminars 

Study timeless texts and new ideas in reading groups and seminars

Internship and Networking Opportunities 

Network with companies and organizations for internship opportunities at a yearly networking event. 

Job Placement 

Join a network of graduates who have been placed at private firms, and in government service, or have been accepted to graduate school.

For more information about this major, please contact Steve Jones.

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