Program Overview

The master of music education in music (MME), traditional program, is designed to prepare students for increasing responsibilities in the field of music teaching. Applicants for this degree plan must hold initial teacher certification (Alabama Class B or its equivalent). Class A teacher certification is granted by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) upon meeting the Alabama Quality Teaching Standards (AQTS).

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Entrance Expectations

Teachers will submit the following in preparation for entrance into the traditional format of the MME. Note: MME applicants must currently hold a bachelor’s degree in music education, including a student teaching experience, and a state sponsored teacher’s licensure.

  1. A cover letter requesting admission into the MME program.
  2. Teachers will submit a teaching demonstration video between 15 -20 minutes providing evidence of instructional skills. The video must represent your understanding of rehearsal/classroom instruction that best fits your current teaching environment. In the event, you are coming from an undergraduate program, please use a video from your internship. Please include the lesson plan from that teaching session.
  3. A summary of a provided research article demonstrating your writing ability.
  4. An interview with the music education faculty.