Program Overview

The master of music education in music (MME), fifth-year non-traditional program, is designed to prepare students who have completed the following criteria to teach music in the public K-12 setting:

  • Hold a bachelor of music degree or its equivalent.
  • Passed the Praxis II Exam in Music (0113 or 5113).
  • Wish to seek initial Alabama state certification.

Class A teacher certification is granted by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) upon meeting the Alabama Quality Teaching Standards (AQTS).

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Audition Expectations

The following requirements must be met for entrance into the program:

  1. Submit a cover letter requesting admission into the Fifth-Year Non-Traditional program.
  2. Prepare an audition of 15 minutes (minimum) in their principal performance area including a varied literature selection demonstrating the applicant’s abilities.
  3. A summary of a provided research article demonstrating your writing ability.
  4. An interview with the music education faculty.