Preparing a New Generation for Ministry and Missions

We live in a unique time, one in which we’re seeing changes in our cultural landscape that are challenging the church to its core. Along with these shifts, however, come great opportunities to reach our world for Jesus Christ in new and innovative ways. Unlike any other time in Christian history, people from all walks of life are utilizing their gifts, skills, passions and creativity in the church and on the mission field to be salt and light in the world. The Christian Ministry program is designed to equip these committed people for the work of ministry and missions through a biblically grounded, missionally focused curriculum.

Christian ministry majors called to ministry can apply for Samford's accelerated BA-to-MDiv program. If accepted, they can earn both degrees in six years rather than the typical seven. Additionally, Samford has an agreement with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) offering advanced standing in a SWBTS master’s degree program based on students’ completion of certain Samford religion and language courses. Learn more here.

Christian Ministry Graduation Plan

Our Key Distinctives

Biblically Grounded

The Christian Ministry program reverently views the Bible as the inspired word of God. As such, it is the true, trustworthy, authoritative and sufficient guide for all we believe and do, our first and best textbook.

Theologically Evangelical

The Christian Ministry program is deeply grounded in an Evangelical approach to theology. Thus, we stand on a commitment to a high view of Scripture, a belief that individuals come to salvation by God’s grace through faith in Christ alone, a conviction that we are to spread the Good News of Christ as we openly live out our faith, and a calling to go missionally into the world, making disciples of all nations.
Photo of students on a mission trip

Missionally Focused

The heart of the Christian Ministry program centers on obedience to Jesus’ Great Command and Great Commission. A focus on disciplemaking and missions is central to the program’s curriculum.

Baptist Connected

Samford was founded as a Baptist university and the Christian Ministry program has deep roots and connections with Baptists locally, regionally, nationally and globally. With our strong emphases in disciplemaking and missions, we also maintain connections with evangelicals around the world and invite Christians of all denominations to join us for training and equipping.

Academically Rigorous

We believe that anything of eternal value is worth doing with excellence. Therefore, we ask students to approach their education with their best effort, working “as unto the Lord” (Colossians 3:23)

Is this program for me?

The Christian Ministry program is for many types of people, including students who wish to:

  • Learn foundational skills and best practices in applied Christian ministry.
  • Inspire a passion for the Great Commission and the work of global missions. 
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of the Bible and how to communicate its truths. 
  • Develop skills and lay a foundation for lifelong disciplemaking.
  • Become a winsome advocate for the Christian faith.
  • Explore the principles and character of Christian leadership.

Career Preparation

Career Opportunities

  • Career church-based ministry
  • Career missions
  • Bivocational church ministry
  • Chaplaincy
  • Marketplace ministry
  • Parachurch ministry
  • Denominational ministry
  • Christian non-profit
  • Christian higher education

Graduate Education

The Christian Ministry program also prepares students for Christian graduate studies.

Lifelong Ministry and Missions Involvement

The Christian Ministry program is designed to equip and inspire students for lifelong personal spiritual growth and engagement in ministry and missions.