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Pushing Health Care Simulation Closer to Reality
The ingenuity of faculty in Samford’s Experiential Learning and Simulation Center extends the limits of realism to improve simulation experiences for students.
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Advancing Alzheimer’s Research Through the Lifespan of a Fruit Fly
McWhorter School of Pharmacy faculty Patty Jumbo-Lucioni uses fruit fly models to study the body’s renin-angiotensin system (RAS) and the anti-hypertension drugs that actively silence the RAS.
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One Death is Too Many
Ida Moffett School of Nursing faculty Megan Mileski seeks to find solutions to Alabama’s high maternal mortality rates
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The Tools We Use to Serve
Speech language pathology students in the School of Health Professions use the latest technology and equipment to further care for the whole person.
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Working in the Field
The School of Public Health places a strong emphasis on internships, empowering students to combine what they learn in the classroom with the knowledge they gain in the field.
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Our Latest Degree Programs
The College of Health Sciences is meeting the demands of today’s growing health care workforce by preparing competent and compassionate individuals who are answering their calling to care.
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A Tale of Pharmacy in Two Cities
Study abroad electives in McWhorter School of Pharmacy expose students to the field of pharmacy in two European cities.
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Addressing the Nursing Shortage
In an effort to reverse the projected nursing shortage, Ida Moffett School of Nursing is working to successfully increase student capacity for accredited schools of nursing across the nation.
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To Take the Elevator or the Stairs?
Research conducted by undergraduate kinesiology students in the School of Health Professions revealed that with a simple recommendation, people often choose the latter.
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Can Your DNA Determine Your Diet?
An undergraduate nutrition course explores the idea of designing a diet based on a genotype and the hurdles that hold it back from becoming a reality.