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Photo eric gonzalez headshot
Staying Rooted: Physical Therapy and the Cincinnati Reds
As a physical therapy alumnus, Eric Gonzalez's journey from Samford to his current role as the director of rehabilitation for the Cincinnati Reds epitomizes the transformative power of mentorship and aspiration.
Photo Baba Java Team
Brewing Success: Samford Alumni Take Their Coffee Business Overseas
Wendi and Nathan Parvin have never shied away from the unknown. As a career nurse and optometrist, they’ve lived overseas serving God and their communities. They’ve walked through heartache and loss. And they’ve launched a successful coffee business. Now they’re jumping back into the unknown with their business, all the way to Dubai.
Photo Victoria and Brady Graves
A Samford Love Story: From Classmates to Coworkers
Victoria and Brady Graves love doing life and ministry together. Their story began while they were pursuing undergraduate degrees at Samford University. Now, they work together at Beeson Divinity School, serving those called into ministry.